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Hello, I'm Sam. 

And I help people like you buy horses. 

You could say horses are in my blood.


My parents rode, my grandparents rode, and over a hundred years ago, my great uncle sold the mother of Warrior, the real life War Horse, to General Jack Seely!

I learnt to ride when I was three and have been more or less on top of a horse ever since. I left school at 16 to work in a showing yard, and from there went on to work at a variety show-jumping and eventing yards, riding for other owners and training their horses.


I understand how much horses matter to people. On a personal level they have given me some of the biggest highs and lows of my life. In my earlier career I evented at four-star level and three-quarter qualified for Badminton, before the owners of the horse I was riding sold him on. I’ve broken my neck and spent nine weeks in a frame.

sam close.jpg

But I’ve also won at Deauville and Hickstead and been placed at The Horse of the Year Show. My horse Spike won bronze in the 2012 Olympics in the modern pentathlon. I’ve travelled around the country with Cancara, the original black horse from the Lloyds bank adverts.


Horses are great levellers, you can be competing alongside Zara Philips or the boy next door. And,  on a more everyday level, they simply bring enormous pleasure. For me they’re my family, my whole life. 


I also teach here at my own yard near The Witterings. I work with riders of any age and ability, from nervous riders needing support, all the way through to competitive riders.  


If you think I might be able to help you, please get in touch.

Sam working hunter _edited.jpg

Winning Working Hunter at ???

Sam jumping_edited.jpg


Gypsy cob.jpg

Spike at the London Olympics 

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