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“Sam is an invaluable asset to have on your side when purchasing a new horse. Her lifelong experience of the horse world enables her to assess a potential horse, ride it on the flat and over jumps and advise as to it’s suitability. With Sam’s professional help we found a fabulous horse - I wouldn’t dream of searching without her support."

Charlotte Pexton


"Sam kindly found a horse for me a few years ago, she turned out to be the most beautiful horse and has taught me so much and will forever be part of our family. I knew when I purchased my horse I had the backup of Sam if I had any issues. I know Sam will never recommend a horse for you if she doesn’t think that it will work out, she always has the best interest for both horse and rider.

Sam is extremely passionate about horses and teaching, she strives to help you create a perfect partnership with your horse. Her knowledge and experience is something I love to tap into whenever I can."

Abbie Smith

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"I would highly recommend Sam Garry in any aspect of riding, buying or owning a horse. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience across the disciplines and is totally professional, honest and straightforward to deal with. Sam is a huge help and endless source of advice and suggestions, nothing is ever too much trouble, you feel you are in very safe hands!  

Rosie Eustace, Yard Manager, Monnington Equestrian 

I help people buy the horse that’s right for them.

I work with all types of clients, from mothers looking for their child’s first pony, to pensioners looking for that special final friend. From complete beginners to competition winners. From families on a shoestring, to those with an open cheque-book. The only thing my clients have in common is this: they all love horses.




You’re at the start of the buying process and would like some clarity on exactly what horse would suit you best.


Or perhaps you’ve been looking for a while. You’ve had seven failed viewings and three failed vettings and are beginning to think about giving up. Or even considering buying something unseen or unvetted.


Maybe you’ve been burnt in the past and need someone you can trust to guide you safely through the process.


Or perhaps you rode as a child and now need a bit of support to help you buy your first horse as an adult.


Wherever you’re at with it, you know that as stressful, disappointing, and time consuming as the process can be, finding the right horse is essential to your happiness.

Although it might not feel like it right now, your horse is out there


A horse that will become part of your family.


A horse that will allow you to ride at the level you want, whether that’s five-star eventing or complete beginner. 


A safe, sound, healthy horse that won’t suddenly turn out to be a nightmare, once you get it home. 


A horse that will match your personality, lifestyle and budget.


A horse that will give you freedom and escape from everyday life.


A horse that will make you happy.


A horse that you will make happy.

Buying a horse isn’t like any other purchase

It’s often an emotional, expensive, life-changing thing. It is one of the most exciting transactions you will ever make, but it can also be one of the most tricky. Especially at the moment, when demand for good horses is far outstripping supply.


Perhaps you’ve found that horses are being advertised for just a few hours online before being bought, and you’ve found sellers are so inundated with messages they often don’t respond to yours.  Or maybe you’ve turned up to viewings and the horse has already been sold. And while many sellers are genuine, in this kind of market unscrupulous sellers are thriving.


All this means that a lot of people are ending up with the wrong horse.


A lot of horses are ending up with the wrong people too.


If you’ve not found the one you want yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to increase your budget or lower your expectations. It just means you need a bit of support.


What my clients say... 


How I can help


I have a lifetime of experience. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than using this experience to ensure the right person ends up with the right horse. Over the last forty years, I have successfully matched several hundred owners and horses. I’ve worked with vendors and purchasers and know how things work on both sides of the equation.

Because I have worked in the industry all of my life I have a network of people who tell me about good horses and offer them to me first. But I don’t just rely on this. I use private sellers and dealers too. I know the good dealers, the over-priced dealers, and the dealers you shouldn’t touch with a barge pole!

Flexible consultancy


I can help you from the very first internet search, all the way through to your first few weeks with your new horse. Or I can jump in and out as required. I can tell you what questions to ask on the phone and how to do your research. I know which issues can be easily fixed and what to do about them, and when you should just walk away altogether. I can help with sourcing, advising, going with you to try the horse, picking up the horse for you, private riding lessons, tack, equipment, and settling the horse in.


I charge a basic price for finding your horse, then additional services are charged accordingly. If you give me a call I can talk you through the options and pricing that are best for you. 


Help with pricing


I can also help with establishing a fair price. Clients often recoup my fee several times over this way. You should be paying a realistic amount that ensures you get the horse, but also your money back if you need to sell it in a year or two.

Of course, the final decision rests with you, but I will only recommend a horse that you

could genuinely sell on, if your circumstances changed.

Get in touch today to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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"A thoroughly positive experience, from start to finish."

Katherine Justesen 

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